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What are cookies?

Cookies are devices that are downloaded to a user’s terminal equipment. This allows us to identify you as a specific user and collect your browsing preferences. Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of a Web Portal. Cookies cannot harm your computer. Be clear that cookies cannot read information stored on your computer.

What types of cookies does this Web Portal use?

Session cookies: These cookies are necessary for the correct use of the website, such as for the user session, or to navigate without interruption, remembering language or country options. They are used to identify the user, if it is necessary to access a registration area. Without these cookies, many of the available services would not be operational. These cookies expire when the browser is closed or after one month.

Advertising cookies: These cookies allow us to remember the choices you make, such as remembering the terms and conditions that the user has accepted, and also offer better and more personalized features, being able to show, if necessary, the most relevant, useful ads and according to your interests such as preventing you from continuously perceiving the same ad.

Technical cookies: These treat generic and anonymous information, where personal data is not included, they only remember the page from which the user comes. Its main objective is to improve the functioning of the web.

Third-Party Cookies: are those that are installed on a Web Portal, but are not typical of the portal that is being visited at the same time. Therefore, these cookies are specific to the domain of a third party, and consequently, the information contained can be viewed and managed by it. They obtain information from your visit to carry out evaluations, statistical calculations on anonymous data, guarantee the continuity of the service or to establish improvements in their websites. Similarly, these types of cookies can be used to show you advertisements tailored to your own interests.

Deactivation or elimination of Cookies.

Most web browsers allow you to manage, at any time, the User’s preferences regarding the use of Cookies to obtain more information about Cookies and allow, block or eliminate Cookies installed on your computer, the User can do so by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. For more information on how to block the use of cookies, you can do so through browsers:






The User must bear in mind that some characteristics of the contents of the website are only available if the installation of Cookies is allowed in their browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain Cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, totally or partially, the normal operation of the website or prevent access to some services of the same.